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Scraper Belt Conveyor

1. Product Introduction 
The scraper belt conveyor is a main conveying equipment for the long-wall working surface, and takes use of the scraper fixed on the drag chain to scrap the bulk materials in the trough. It consists of trough, drag chain, scraper, drive sprocket at the head, tension sprocket at the tail, etc. The shape of scraper is trapezoid, rectangle or strip. There are two types of scraper belt conveyors: stationary type and shiftable type. The horizontal conveying is its main conveying way. If it uses the tilted conveying, its maximum tilt angle is up to 20°. It is mainly applied to convey various types of raw materials, and the materials without high requirement on moisture content in such sectors as mines, metallurgy, coal mine, chemicals, etc. The particle size in the system is below 300mm.

2. Main models of scraper belt conveyor
Model Belt Width (MM) Installed Power (KW) Conveying Capacity (T/H)
HGBS1400-1400/3500 1400 1400 1400
HGBS1600-1600/4000 1600 1600 1600