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Telescopic Belt Conveyor



1. Product Introduction
Telescopic belt conveyor is a belt conveyor with the telescopic performance, and its conveying distance can be adjusted within a certain range at will. It has been widely applied to mine and convey in the colliery. This machine can complete the adjustment of distance and conveying through a conveyor belt. The change of conveying distance can be realized through the relative motion of stationary frame and telescopic frame. It is freely telescopic at the direction of length; it can control the length of conveyor at any time; it can convey the materials at the two directions; when it is applied to loading and unloading of the vehicle, it can shorten the distance of handling the materials, shorten the time of loading and unloading, and enhance work efficiency.

2. The belt conveyor is characterized by big length, high running speed, big conveying capacity, small working resistance, and low power consumption. Under the circumstance of the same conveying conditions and distance, the belt conveyors can be used with fewer sets,
and fewer trans-conveying times, so it can save equipment and manpower.
Its main features are as follows: (1) meeting the standards of underground mining belt conveyor series MT820-1999 and MT901-2000, and adopting the relevant standards of universal stationary belt conveyor series as far as possible.
(2) compact structure, small installation section, strong rigidity and easy assembling and disassembling.
(3) Electric winch and hydraulic automatic tensioning device are applied to tension and release the conveyor belt, which is characterized by simple operation, labor saving and reliable tension.