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Pipe Belt Conveyor

1.1. Product Introduction
Pipe belt conveyor is a special belt conveyor based on the trough belt conveyor. It adopts a regular polygon idler set consisting of several idlers (in general, six idlers) to force the conveyor belt to form a pipe, thereby airtightly and continuously conveying various bulk materials like powders, particles and blocks. Based on constant research and practice, the pipe belt conveyor has summarized a relatively-systematic standard and method for design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and testing, and has formed product series. It has been widely applied to such sectors as electric power, building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, mines, coal, port, grain, etc.

1.2. Performance features
Besides some advantages of universal belt conveyor, such as big conveying capacity, simple structure, ease of use, strong adaptability, etc., the pipe belt conveyor has the following advantages:
1.2.1 Wide types of conveying materials;
1.2.2 Conveying materials in the sealing condition can reduce the environmental pollution;
1.2.3 The materials are hardly adhered to the conveyor belt, so the conveyor belt is easily cleaned;
1.2.4 It can realize curve running with relatively-small radius of curvature;
1.2.5 It can convey at a large dip angle;
1.2.6 It can realize two-way conveying of the materials through the reciprocating running of conveyor belt;
1.2.7 Save the floor area.