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Shiftable Belt Conveyor

1.1. Product Introduction
Shiftable belt conveyor is a new belt conveyor designed according to the needs of mining and dumping process. It can be applied to working surfaces of open stope and refuse dump, and is a handling equipment of bulk materials which can be shifted according to the operating requirement. It can be matched with bucket-wheel excavator on the excavating surface or with dumping machine in the refuse dump. Without need of cement base, the conveyor can be changed its location according to the change of working surface of the mining and dumping mechanical equipment. It is currently most ideal belt conveying equipment for metallurgical mine, large-sized opencut coal mine, power plant, port, etc.

1.2. Performance features
Shiftable belt conveyor can be shifted according to the progress of working surface of stope, without need of disassembling machine, electrical equipment and rubber belt. Moreover, it also can extend or shorten its length. Shiftable belt conveyor works in the open air, and is shifted frequently. Its structure is adapted to local climate and ground conditions. It has no stationary base (head and tail with the anchoring device), and has relatively-small specific pressure to the ground. It is a high-efficiency and economic conveying equipment in the open-cut mining, characterized by high efficiency, low cost, high safety, labor saving, easy automation, etc..