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Long Distance Horizontal Curve Belt Conveyor

1.1. Product Introduction
Based on DT II belt conveyor, long-distance cross-country horizontal curve belt conveyor system is a self-developed new product with independent intellectual property rights oriented to large size, intelligentization and high end. This product has obtained 28 patents, including 9 patents for invention, and can substitute for imported goods totally.
Long-distance cross-country horizontal curve belt conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment with the steel cord conveyor belt as its traction member, and is widely applied to such sectors as metallurgy, mines, coal, power station, building materials, etc. It is characterized by high production efficiency, big conveying capacity, low energy consumption, continuous long-distance conveying, stable reliable running, small noise, low pollution, simple structure, low operation cost, etc. Its ultra-long conveying distance, ultra-big conveying capacity, and multi-point horizontal curve conveying way can, to the greatest extent, meet the requirement of conveying the materials on the working surface with high productivity and high efficiency. It is key equipment for comprehensive mining and production system to realize intelligentization, and a large-sized intelligent eco-friendly energy-saving conveying equipment that many countries promote strongly.
Long-distance cross-country horizontal curve belt conveyor is designed by parts series. Its operating ambient temperature is -25
1.2. Performance features
Performances of long-distance cross-country horizontal curve belt conveyor are as follows:
(1) With long conveying distance, the single machine can realize long-distance trans-conveying, thereby greatly enhancing the capacity and efficiency of conveying;
(2) The conveying route can realize small-radius horizontal curve. Its maximum bending radius is 80-120mm higher than that of common belt conveyor; its stable running can guarantee that the conveyor belt can’t run deviated and spill the materials, and has strong crosswind resistance in the long-distance curve conveying process;
(3) With multi-point horizontal curve, the single machine can substitute for multiple machines. Moreover, this product can realize multi-point horizontal curve, and break through the limitation of traditional belt conveyor in the conveying territory and space. The single conveyor can substitute for multiple conveyors, which can reduce the investment in construction greatly, centralize power supply and control system, and reduce energy consumption effectively;
(4) The maximum length of single machine is up to 15.58KM;

1.3. Main technical innovations
(1) It can realize ultra-long distance, ultra-big conveying capacity and continuous high-efficiency conveying, and is an irreplaceable key equipment for conveying the bulk materials in mines, wharf, building materials, etc. Relevant technologies are correlated with the following patents: patent
new idler for horizontal curve rubber belt conveyor 201020233634.9; patent alloy blade sweeper 201010280423.5; patent vertical hydraulic tension device of belt conveyor 201020233664.X, etc.;
(2) It can realize minimum-radius curve conveying, and can substitute for multiple machines, thereby reducing project investment greatly, and expanding the functions and reutilization value of belt conveyor; relevant technologies are correlated with the following patents: patent
new front-mounted multi-function upper idler set 201220609692.6, etc.;
(3) With integrated intelligent control technology, it can realize centralized control and interlocking of the whole-line equipment like mining equipment; relevant technologies are correlated with the following patents: long-distance belt conveyor intelligent control system 20120740499.6, etc.