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DTII(A) Belt Conveyor

1.1. Product Introduction

DT II (A) belt conveyor is a stationary belt conveyor based on application and users’ experience and requirements of DT II belt conveyor in recent years, which has expanded varieties and specifications of some parts, improved some structures, and modified some errors. In the modified design, such sectors as bearing fasteners, special materials, manufacturing and assembling technology conditions adopt up-to-date national standard.
DTII (A) stationary belt conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment with cotton canvas, nylon, polyester canvas and steel cord conveyor belt as its traction members, and is widely applied to convey a variety of bulk materials and complete materials with the bulk density of 500
2500Kg/m3 in such sectors as metallurgy, mines, coal, power station, building materials, etc. It is characterized by high production efficiency, big conveying capacity, low energy consumption, continuous long-distance conveying, stable reliable running, small noise, low pollution, simple structure, low operation cost, etc.
DTII (A) stationary belt conveyor is designed by parts series. Its operating ambient temperature is -25
+40. In such work places with special requirements on high temperature, cold, anti-explosion, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproofness, etc., it shall take some corresponding protection measures. The designer shall, according to the requirement of conveying process, perform model selection, design and calculation by terrain and working conditions and assemble a complete conveyor.
1.2. Performance features
Compared with other conveyors of bulk materials, DT II (A) stationary belt conveyor has the following advantages:
 Wide types of conveying materials;
Wide range of conveying capacity;

Strong adaptability of conveying route;
·Flexibility of loading and unloading materials;
·Strong reliability;
·High safety;
·Low maintenance cost.